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Beautiful Accommodation In Nature’s Lap

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Luxury Accommodation in Corbett

Beautiful Accommodation In Nature’s Lap

Nestled in the famous Jim Corbett National Park, Tarangi Resort is one of the best Luxury Resort in Jim Corbett an ideal blend of luxury, comfort, and elegance. The buzz of being within the forest area is substantial as soon as you enter the resort. The charm and ambiance are sure to mesmerize you to stay for a long time, more than you have planned. But what makes Tarangi Resort so captivating? Well, definitely its beautiful accommodation in the lap of nature is eye-catching.

With all the extensive services and facilities at Tarangi Resort, the guests enjoy all sorts of comforts along with the access to swimming pool, spa, and garden and special night performances. Tarangi Resort offers an experience of a perfect combination of world-class extravagance and natural excellence. So this summer, take your family and friends along and experience the paradise at the Tarangi Resort..

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