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Bird Watching At Jim Corbett

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Bird Watching At Jim Corbett

The bird watching tour, offered by Jim Corbett National Park authorities, is an amazing opportunity for the travelers who are fanatics of bird watching as well as are nature lovers. The Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for birds. scattered over an area of 520 square kilometers, jim corbett national park is home to more than 640 species of birds which includes local & drifter birds as well as waterside & water birds. though the list is long, but the most beautiful & unique birds spotted here are bayas, black-naped green woodpecker, cinereous vulture, stork-billed kingfisher, wallcreeper pallas, fishing eagle, brown dipper, tawny fish, indian alpine swift, larks, mynas, tailorbird, spotted owlet, and many such rare species could be easily spotted at the park. these rare species of birds make the jim corbett national park an ideal destination for keen birdwatchers and exploring them is a truly enthralling experience.

To appreciate some undiluted extravagance while being surrounded by the wildlife, one can stay at the Tarangi Resort which has secured itself among the best resorts in Jim Corbett. It is a home away from home where guests can relax and unwind to the core. Tarangi Resort is a perfect Luxury Resort in Corbett to celebrate nature, peace, wildlife life and an unwinding ambiance to avoid the hustle and clamor of the daily city life. A delightfully orchestrated home far from home settled amidst the woods, Tarangi Resort offers a complete delegated cottage, recreational activities, a range of various facilities, and outstandingly created bundle for wildlife Jungle safari in Corbett offering their guests an entire getaway adventure. So, if you too are now getting excited to get to close to this natural beauty & Corbett birdlife, book your bird watching tour at Jim Corbett National Park to witness the birds in own their territory which is sure to be a wonderful experience in the life of bird lovers.

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