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Monsoons In Jim Corbett

Monsoon Resort in Corbett

Monsoons In Jim Corbett

The monsoons in the Jim Corbett delicately introduce bliss and give away the shower of coolness to the environment. Monsoons in Jim Corbett National Park are loaded with enchantment and quality. So pack your bag and breathe life into the fledgling fan in you by experiencing a large number of animals & birds that locate their place of refuge in the greenery that encompasses the forest. Tarangi Resort is one of the beautiful and premium Resorts in Jim Corbett, add a fun element to your trip from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and picturesque landscape of the forest. Tarangi Resort gives its guests an unforgettable experience of silent surroundings with soothing melodies of birds and a treat of stunning mountains for the eyes.

The best part of visiting Jim Corbett National Park during monsoons is that it is easier to spot animals during rainfall. There are various safaris available to explore the beauty of the jungle and spot various animals & birds that also become playful & vibrant during the monsoon. Various adventure activities too can be enjoyed during monsoons, especially river rafting which is only accessible in rainy season since the Kosi River is full of streaming water at this time. With the fewer crowds and more serenity during monsoon, it is one of the ideal times to visit Jim Corbett National Park.

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