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Enjoy game of badminton in our badminton court in ambience garden near the reception, it is a unique experience to play while being surrounded by greenery all around.

Best Resort in Jim Corbett


Bouncing exercise for your child and the child in you! Repetitive bouncing has various health benefits – burn calories with fun.

Best Resort in Jim Corbett


You could enjoying playing cricket within your group, or resort has a cricket team to play with.

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Corbett is the nature lover’s ultimate reward. Trails, and treks leading to endless jungle, and offer the ultimate pleasure to those who seek We arrange guided nature walk of the surrounding nature. Nature walks in Corbett is definitely the best nature walks in Uttarakhand as well as in India, you explore the richness of the flora that makes Corbett royal and regale. The guided nature walks, take you along the river bed of the Kosi River, some through the forests. There are trails that requires crossing a suspension bridge over the river, and others that lead to the Garjia Temple.

best resorts in jim corbett


Yoga classes are led by well-renowned instructors having extensive experience in helping people achieve wellness, longevity and self-realization. Yoga classes range from gentle to vigorous. Stretch, strengthen and balance the body.